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The Best Value in Messages On Hold Players and What You Should Know

What is possibly one of the best features of a quality Messages-on-Hold playback unit?  When you don’t even remember it’s there!   The old adage that “no news is good news” really applies here.  In a busy office, spending time dealing with older, inferior, and/or inordinately complex MOH units presents more headaches and agitation.  And during a busy day with a long list of vital tasks to handle, who has the time or patience for a scenario like that?

Those days are done, though.  As in so many other fields, the technology in Messages-on-Hold players means end users can get new audio installed, playing perfectly, in a very short time.  After that?  NOTHING!  Digital playback in pristine, crystal clear quality rolls like clockwork while you get back to work, knowing your part is done!  In fact, many clients find this new technology SO reliable, they don’t have to do anything else until it’s time to update their production with fresh copy.

The next question is: what machine offers the best match for your phone system?  We can’t speak for everyone, but we’ve had great results with our IAP Jump Player – our most popular on hold player.  It        plays top quality audio in MP3 form, easily loaded from a USB jump drive that we include with the hardware.  Also referred to as a “stick” or “thumb drive,” the jump can be reloaded with future productions and gives you the flexibility to exercise more control and discretion over the material you want to use.  The more MOH productions you accumulate, the more options you have (depending on the dated nature of the copy, of course).  Just store the MP3s on your PC or laptop, plug the jump drive into your USB port, and load exactly what you want to play.  Then plug the drive back into your IAPJump player…it’s as easy as that.  Plus, this American made unit comes with a 5 year warranty, providing added peace of mind.  Plug it in and let it do its thing!  No wonder the IAP Jump Player is so popular.

The IAP Hybrid is another awesome example of technology.  The Hybrid is especially ideal for multiple locations wanting to control their MOH content from a single location.  Easily installed on an IP network, the Hybrid was designed specifically for central control for multiple locations.  Messages on Hold audio loads through an internet browser and an IP address assigned specifically for the player.  Then, users can upload new productions remotely, no matter how remote they are!  A Corporate office in Omaha can share and supply audio with affiliates in Anchorage and Syracuse almost instantly.  Even without Ethernet delivery, MOH audio can also be added and removed on site using a USB flash drive much like the IAP Jump Player mentioned above.  Drag-n-Drop your MP3…that’s it!  With no moving parts that could possibly break down, the Hybrid is a sturdy, solid-state digital audio player – an excellent investment designed for mounting on a wall or rack in your phone or server room.  Should you need to adjust volume or configuration settings, the Hybrid’s LCD Display will guide you along as easily as your car stereo.

Ultimately, the decision is yours.  And the options are many.  But after years of experience and seeing where technology’s taken us and where it’s going, the beauty in MOH players is in its simple ease-of-use combined with flawless audio playback.  While your callers get the message, you get to plug, play, and fuggedaboutit! 

Technical support?  Questions about price?  Specifications?  The IAP team is always glad to help with our IAP Jump Player, IAP Hybrid, and our many other units.  Just let us know what you’d like your phones to achieve, and we’ll find the best match to make it happen.  Just remember, your on hold player can do ALMOST all the work…everything except producing the audio itself.