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Using your Cell’s Voice Mail as an Effective Business Tool

As a business person, you know that image is everything and first impressions can start with that initial phone call. As we’ve all experienced, that first call often lands in voice mail – and businesses have come to realize more and more that what their callers hear in a voice mail greeting can leave a lasting image…Good or Bad! Using voice mail effectively can make the difference between capturing the interest of your prospects or having them call your competitors. Effective voicemail greetings can influence callers to leave you a message – or not. It can help the caller determine if he or she will be doing business with you – or not. What you say and how you say it, whether in person or on the phone, has a direct impact on your client’s feelings, decisions, and actions.
With todays every changing business environment and evolving technology, more business people are using the internet as virtual offices and their cell phones as business phones… especially small businesses, on-the-go-salespeople, and busy executives. Do your customers and prospects hear a hurried, agitated greeting that sounds annoyed with surrounding traffic noise or subway ambiance in the background? Not exactly reassuring for today’s modern professional, wouldn’t you agree?
Billions of cell phones are in use around the planet every minute of the day. Domestically and abroad, “Type A” business go-getters might have several different numbers working simultaneously. Figure the math and the potential for business traffic is astronomical…and it’s all by phone.
First impression or not, make that audio image count and make sure your voice mail greeting is polished and professional sounding. Illinois Audio Productions’ Voice Talents will deliver that professionally polished image in crystal clear audio in the best possible, most direct way. It’s important to present the “human” touch, too. For instance, you may have noticed a number of companies focusing their TV advertising campaigns on “humanizing” call centers. Credit card companies in particular have found that customers are frustrated by mechanized sounding voice recognition software – those “robot” voices that never seem to truly understand what callers want. No doubt, your cellular service likely offers automatic voice mail greetings that are supposed to be perfect…clean, crisp, and clearly enunciated. But the end result is that you’ll come off sounding mechanized, robotic, and impersonal. Might as well shoot for irritated on the subway!
Truth is, companies have been trying for years to perfect the art of voice recognition and it still has a long way to go. Even today, voice mail software trials reproduce strange, invented, mispronounced words, lacking in flow and cadence (I spent several hours working with such a program myself in the Spring of 2012 – results were laughable).
With a professional voice over talent creating your Voice Mail message be it for your personal cell phone or a company phone system, you’ll present a personal touch to your business. No strange words are invented by a robot when you choose Illinois Audio Productions to create studio produced but human voiced greetings, giving your customers a feeling of confidence that they’re doing business with the right people. It creates a bond – a sort of verbal hand shake, if you will.
Fact is, very few people realize the impact of their cell phone voice mail greeting, and simply don’t pay much attention to it as a result. Out of earshot, out of mind. But we all know you never get a second chance to make a first impression. The good news? There’s an easy fix. Just reach out to Illinois Audio Products and they’ll create such an effective, powerful greeting that you will even start getting compliments on it! The process is fast and easy…you can even request a quote right here on our site. You will be surprised how affordable it is for such a great result!
And while you’re here, why not take a listen to our voice demos? With over 20 professional voice talents, you can select the one that best represents your brand and company image. If you’re already an Illinois Audio Productions’ customer for your messages-on-hold, you might want to consider using the same talent your callers hear on-hold.
One more plus with Illinois Audio Productions…we will be glad to load your completed voice mail message remotely from our digital studios into your voice mailbox. In other words the IAP talent records the greeting in a professional studio and the voice mail greeting is digitally loaded via land line or files so there’s no ambient noise like you would get speaking into an open telephone handset. Don’t forget that we offer a complete array of other audio production services – not just voice mail for cell phones and messages-on-hold, but radio commercials, automated attendant greetings, Interactive Voice Response prompts, web audio, tutorials, e-learning and more. Anything audio…any format!

How to create a WINNING Radio Campaign and the Formula for Success!

Have you tried advertising on the Radio in the past, or maybe you have a current radio commercial or campaign running? If so, how’s it working for you? And if you HAVEN’T tried Radio advertising, well…we’re going to address all the scenarios here.
As you may or may not know, there are several key elements involved. Like a Messages-on-Hold production, picking the right voice and music for your intended demographic is crucial. And will sound effects enhance the audio? These are the common factors between Radio and Message On Hold to consider.
But with Radio, there are other considerations involved. The air time and when your Radio Commercial goes on-air will play into the price charged by the station (or stations). Then there are fees paid to ad agencies for producing the radio commercial prior to airtime. This is where IAP can not only save you money, but also supply a superior array of Radio commercial production capabilities…from the copywriting to the voices to the final mix.
Not to knock stations in small to mid-sized Radio markets, but the fact remains that the voices featured on those stations are often over-utilized and on a slightly lower level of professionalism. Most radio stations cluster their commercials, as many as EIGHT 30-second commercials in one break. Since most mid to small market radio stations use their own air talent to read the commercials – in many cases, just 3 or 4 of them – this makes it hard to differentiate one commercial from another. In addition, the station’s sales representatives often write the commercials. The result? Listeners tune out…your commercial goes in one ear and out the other. That’s money down the drain. IAP’s stable of voice talents have major market broadcasting experience and command much more attention from listeners. And chances are, you’ll also pay less using IAP voices.
Some businesses also like to have one of their own do the voicing themselves. Granted, some have a real knack for it and can make that “personal” connection with potential buyers. Unfortunately, there are also those who just don’t sound like polished professionals or they are wannabes. It’s really important that we stress this point: please take a step back and listen objectively: is that owner/employee REALLY the voice you want representing you on the air? Without stepping on toes, maybe it’s time to reconsider that angle. Leave it to the pros instead…preferably IAP’s, though an agency is also a potential option.
Of course, we’re not limited to smaller market campaigns. If you’re thinking about a nationwide campaign with major market buys, IAP can help just the same. In fact, we’re very proficient with Radio production no matter WHAT size market you intend to run your radio commercial! Imagine selecting YOUR choice of voice talent from our more than 20 voices to complete and enhance your brand!
As far as the copy used in your campaign, why pay expensive agency fees or even station prices for writing your commercials? IAP’s Radio experience is quite vast. Our writers are well-versed at Radio production…one has over 30 years of experience writing successful and creative Radio Commercials!
Our CEO also has 30 years of experience in radio broadcasting – everything from advertising sales, on air reporter, and sales manager to general manager and president running a 4-station group. He offers great expertise when it comes to buying a radio campaign. All too often, such campaigns are approached the wrong way with it comes to budget. For example, a car dealer who buys a full page ad in the local newspaper can spend thousands for one ad while two radio commercials a day might cost, say, $30 each. Let’s say that newspaper ad cost $2,500. It appears one time and likely won’t come close to reaching even 50% of the marketplace. Now divide that $2,500 by the $30 a single radio commercial costs to see how many commercials that car dealer gets. That’s 83 commercials! Running from 6AM to 6PM, it works out to 7 commercials an hour!
What we’re saying is that the right approach with creative radio spots is much more effective at reaching your target audience. Another formula for success: run 3 commercials per hour from 6AM to 6PM on MULTIPLE stations in your market. Using this approach, your campaign achieves market saturation. It’s important to remember that we’re all creatures of habit. If you miss that person who commutes between 6:30 and 7AM day in and day out, that’s a missed opportunity! We’re not saying “don’t buy print ads”…but be sure to compare apples to apples with your advertising budget to maximize results!
All things considered, from writing to voicing and a stellar final production, chances are IAP can save you money! Whether it’s beating an agency quote or lowering the cost on your Radio buy, IAP is here to help. Our studio and voice talents can work their magic, and if you’re already using IAP for your Message On Hold, you know we’ll do the job with utmost professionalism and quickly, too!

Behind the Scenes – How your Messages-On-Hold production goes from Concept to Completion

There’s no magic or voodoo involved.  But we know it seem like that sometimes when your confirmed Messages-on-Hold (MOH) script is turned around into a completed audio masterpiece and sent to you in no time flat!  If you’ve ever wondered just what happens AFTER you approve your script, please let us briefly enlighten you…

Let’s back up for just a moment first.  With new IAP customers especially, we need to get to know you before we can develop a truly comprehensive MOH script.  We start by sending you a brief questionnaire customized specifically for your industry…no “cookie cutters” with questions that don’t apply to what you do.  For those who prefer we refer to their website for copy ideas, no problem! Read More