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Top 8 reasons to choose IAP as your Message On Hold provider.

Three decades ago, the Messages On Hold (MOH) industry was barely in its infancy.   Like phone systems themselves, MOH vendors have seen a lot of changes in the years since – and today, the demand for top quality audio productions remains very strong.  Several Message On Hold companies have come and gone but industry pioneers like Illinois Audio Productions (IAP) are built to last.


Still, we know you have choices.  So why choose IAP?  Here are the Top 8 reasons…


1)   Copywriting Experience Our copywriters have more years of experience than most of our competitors have been in business!  Writing for the ear takes a certain approach, especially for telephonic purposes.  Remember, a solid audio production’s only as good as the words your callers hear and how they’re prompted to respond.


2)   Top Voice Talents – There’s a lot of “wanna-be’s” with good speaking voices and command of English.  But it takes true Broadcast experience to really capture caller attention.  We’ve recruited top voice talents across the country and even around the world, including radio veterans who know how to deliver whether it’s Marketing On Hold or ads for a nationwide campaign!


3)   Lightning Fast Turnaround Time – We’ve always excelled at providing super-fast turnaround.  Once we have all the info you want included in your script, we almost always turn a custom on hold script around in one day.  From copy confirmation to completed audio, we get it done in one to three days…far exceeding the industry norm!


4)   The Right Playback Equipment for your Phone System – Thanks to our long-standing experience in the industry, IAP’s developed strong relationships with the most highly renowned MOH Playback Equipment Providers in the industry.  Coupled with our knowledge of the latest advancements in telephonic technology, you can be assured that we’ll find the perfect match to deliver stellar audio quality from one of FIVE different manufacturers.


5)   Digital Studio – Crisp, clean audio and nothing less comes from IAP’s outstanding digital studios.  Our techs know how to make the magic happen when it comes to editing, mixing, and preparing the final audio product your callers will hear.


6)   Value Added Services – Besides quality Messages-on-Hold productions, we can also handle your other audio requirements.  That includes Automated Attendant greetings, IVR prompts, Radio/TV commercials, Podcasts, Power Point narrations, Videos, Audio Books, Website Audio, CBT and E-Learning recordings…you name it!


7)   We Care…REALLY – It’s not an empty cliché with us.  IAP’s been family owned and operated since we opened back in 1986.  Our customers tend to stay with us because they know we care and do whatever it takes to make them happy.  Just take a look at the testimonials on this site…all unsolicited!


8)   Competitive Low Prices – We can’t guarantee we’re the lowest price vendor out there, and we don’t pretend to.  But if you give us a chance to meet or beat a competitor’s price, we will do everything we can to make it happen.  And if you’re currently using another MOH vendor, why not consider switching to IAP?  We’ll be glad to give you a quote.


As always, please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions whatsoever.  An IAP representative can even chat with you live while you’re on our site.  Just say “Yo!”