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Solving Audio Production Questions for the Growing Healthcare Industry

If there is one constant in the ebbs and flows of our economic stream, it’s the healthcare industry.  Like an anchor among the adrift, physicians, dentists, specialist offices, and entire hospitals and clinics are always busy and needed by a growing – and aging – population.  Now that we’ve dispensed with the nautical metaphors, let’s look at why this busy industry needs professionally recorded audio for phone systems that are always buzzing.

According to the World Health Organization, Americans spend more on healthcare per capita and as a percentage of the GDP than any other country.  Population continues to grow exponentially and Baby Boomers are quickly becoming an increasingly older demographic.  This means that healthcare providers can anticipate heavy phone traffic for quite a while!  Add the ever-increasing use of cell phones to the equation and you get an easy picture of just how busy.

This is important to consider, especially if you anticipate growing your practice.  And even if you don’t, preparing for heavier foot-and-phone traffic should also include what patients/customers hear over their phones.  This is where Illinois Audio Productions (IAP) enters the picture.  Over the years, a number of hospitals, medical centers, and specialists’ offices have looked to IAP for superior quality Messages-on-Hold (MOH).  Some larger operations have also discovered the value of IAP-provided Auto Attendant (AA) prompts, Outbound greetings, and After-hours messages.  Another specialty – Interactive Voice Response (IVR) prompts that the I-T staff often refers to as a “tree.”

Some major names in the industry rely on IAP for these specialized audio productions, including Cadence Healthcare, DuPage Medical, and Northshore University Healthcare.  These valued customers have discovered that IAP provides various types of audio with exceptional turnaround time, making it possible to be versatile with dated copy that needs to be replaced on a certain date or at a prearranged time.  And if you need them done in Spanish, IAP voices are masters at converting English to a universal Spanish dialect both written and spoken.  The Spanish speaking segment of America’s population is also growing considerably and should be taken into consideration, not just from a marketing standpoint, but also in these basic forms of communication.

IAP has an impressive lineup of talent to handle medical terminology in writing and in voicing beyond today’s phone systems.  Need a Radio commercial to promote an upcoming Health Fair?  Use a familiar voice and music style like those you know from IAP…polished and professional.  Similar voice overs can also apply to TV spots and web videos.  All it takes is the right audio file in most cases, something your IAP representative can help determine, if needed.

If you are not already an IAP client or are shopping for a new Message On Hold vendor, you are no doubt doing research and due diligence.  When looking at bids, note whether or not equipment is part of your quote.  IAP offers a number of different playback options, including internet-based MOH units that let your staff upload audio for multiple locations from a single point-of-contact.  It’s a distinct advantage if you have several locations connected through a VoIP (VoiceOver Internet Protocol) phone system…no running from one location to another loading CDs, MP3s, or even cassette tapes.  Yes, cassettes do still exist, rare though they are.

By the way, if your facility has a maternity ward, you might just want to find out about the equipment and recordings IAP has – announcing new births with a lullaby for example.  It’s a real spirit booster!

So be prepared and get ready because healthcare facilities of every sort are going to be busy…make sure you don’t miss any opportunities that can be captured with incredible audio services from IAP!