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Marketing Strategies for 2014

So, how is your marketing plan looking for 2014?  Trying to determine how to allocate resources and get the biggest bang with the year’s budget?  There are many avenues to consider, some of which involve the use of Illinois Audio Productions’ (IAP) many services relating to audio and video.

The first area many businesses will look at involves the increased use of social media.  According to a recent article by the business experts at Forbes, we should expect a typically strong emphasis on print advertising and infographics, especially in these areas.  After all, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest posts are an excellent way to connect with customers.  Utilizing social media is cost-effective, too, requiring little in financial investment.  If you choose to use social media analytics to gauge the success of a campaign, you should account for a slightly higher investment in your budget.

Creating polished video for You Tube is also an increasingly popular way to speak face-to-face with customers in a virtual manner.  Your investment in quality video work and strong copywriting for the narration (where applicable) will be reflected in the results you get.  Here we’re talking about a bit more of a financial outlay, but the payoff can be well worth it.  This is one of those areas where IAP can help provide the audio and copywriting to give your videos more impact.

Speaking of results, don’t ignore the reviews you may be getting via Yelp, the popular consumer review site.  Not that Yelp will affect your advertising budget, but it can make a huge difference in your momentum!

Where print advertising is concerned, traditional ads in newspapers and phone books are becoming antiquated and you may want to reconsider allocating much, if anything, to these forms of media.  Sadly, daily newspapers in even the biggest cities are folding in larger numbers, pardon the pun.  Many are moving away from actual paper and ink to focus on an online presence with a “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” kind of attitude.  And traditional yellow pages are seeing falling numbers of eyes thanks to the speedy mobility of the internet and the ability to gain information instantly from anywhere.

With the money you can save using social media prudently and minimizing traditional print ads, you can focus more on reliably efficient radio and TV advertising, as well as targeted promotions through your phone system or the clever use of ads that play during movie previews.  Theater attendance is back up after a lull and can be a real boost in revenue with a locally responsive audience.  Providing the soundtrack, voicing, and copywriting for such movie ads – and any kind of video narration for that matter – is right in our wheelhouse.  Illinois Audio Productions also has the studio, staff, and experience to handle your radio campaign and TV audio…superior quality sound that grabs attention in a good way.

The same concept of appealing to a captive theater audience also plays into the heart of IAP’s specialties, where we have excelled since 1986.  Those specializations involve perhaps the most important audience you can reach: those who have already expressed interest in your business, products, and services.  Like the movie audience, your callers are right there and ready to listen.  Superb Messages-on-Hold are where we began and continue to make the right impact.  Like a well-oiled machine, MOH from IAP incorporates the best voices, copywriting services, and impeccable digital audio for that added wow factor.

Unlike outmoded print media, your phone system is still and will continue to be a crucial part of business success or failure.  Used to the most effective advantage, IAP can help you develop a plan that keeps within your budgetary constraints and delivers the strongest ROI.  In addition to the messages callers hear on hold, consider using those same IAP talents to provide a consistent sound through your Auto Attendant (AA), your phones’ equivalent to the front door.  A professional greeting can go a long way toward a welcoming customer experience.  Interactive Voice Response (IVR) productions guide callers to the areas you want to take them.  AA and IVR audio may fall in your IT budget rather than Marketing, but make no mistake that these are prime opportunities to promote and cross-sell!

Other ideas to consider?  If you have a retail operation, overhead messaging is an excellent way to relay the hottest promotions to customers already in the aisles and eager to buy.  Radio, TV, MOH, the Web…all can be more memorable with custom jingles that set your brand apart from the competition.  Podcasts open up other marketing possibilities to specific targets.  If you would like a quote on these specialized services while working on that budget, IAP can help you out.

No matter how you choose to use your marketing budget in 2014, there’s one common lesson: originality gets you noticed.  Be bold in 2014 with unique, innovative approaches to any of the marketing avenues you’re considering.  Remember, extra creativity won’t cost your budget one cent!