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How to find the best Recording Studio at reasonable rates!

If you’ve worked with Illinois Audio Productions in the past or are a current customer, you know what kind of pristine audio quality to expect.  But have you ever considered what other possibilities can be achieved in IAP’s magical studios?  Technological advancements, especially via websites, social media, webinars, and YouTube, make the spoken word an increasing avenue to pique interest and raise awareness of your company, the latest internal innovations, product launches…anywhere your imagination takes you!

Want to speak directly to customers or prospects in your own voice rather than through a printed mission statement?  What you need is the right recording environment.  IAP has an ultra-quiet studio “within a studio”…a specially built “voicing vault” that you can rent for an extremely affordable rate.  Once you lay down your tracks, IAP studio techs can prepare them for wherever you intend them to play.  This unique studio was part of a construction renovation in 2002 with reinforced soundproofing…and it’s not our only studio to get the royal treatment.  “Studio A” is outfitted with two microphones and makes conversational recording a breeze.

Consider this, for example.  Say you recently had a great sales experience with a customer who’s totally thrilled with your product and service.  Want to share this kind of testimonial in the form of a conversation between you and that happy customer?  Just book Studio A.  IAP’s multiple microphones and remote recording equipment can also access different audio sources simultaneously with phones patched-in directly to our recording software.  This opens a new world of opportunities since you could conceivably have that conversation practically anywhere, within limits.  This type of recording capability also uses new noise deadening attributes to squash even the slightest extra breathiness, and features digital quality enhancement to make sure your finished audio is crystal clear…minus any distortion sometimes associated with phone lines.

There are so many creative alternatives and we’re glad to help guide the recording session with all the advanced preparations so you can be ready to record in relaxed comfort.  IAP was recently host to a session focused on an interview between family members committing recollections and reminiscences of a past loved one to audio posterity.  It’s an excellent historical archive method that can be applied to everything from voiced eulogies to narration at a museum, adding special effectiveness by using several voices to keep the listeners’ attention span sharp!

IAP Studios were also chosen to record Chi Chi Rodriguez and a customer as part of a non-profit golf project.  There’s another possibility: promoting awareness of an upcoming event…whether a business-generating trade show, non-profit charitable drive, or any special occasion where you need to reach a targeted audience.

IAP recently applied audio to video advertisements at movie theaters, running with previews to an audience that’s not only riveted to the screen in anticipation of the main attraction, they’re also local and ready to buy in your market!  Bingo!

We’ve only skimmed the surface here.  If you’d like to talk with an IAP rep about cost-effective studio rentals and ways to make your project sound cutting edge, current, and most of all interesting, all you have to do is ask.  We can help with any copywriting services you need prior to your session, too.

So unleash your inner radio personality and let’s book a session…chances are, you’ll find it fun and rewarding as well as a super-effective tool!


The Good vs The Bad in Scriptwriting Services

R U among the many who write in abbreviated text speak?  OMG!  Plz stop and consider for a moment the value of the written word and how the right ones can make or break your upcoming advertising campaign, e-mail blasts, and B-to-B communications with clients and prospects.  It also takes a specific talent to write for the ear in audio projects like Messages-on-Hold, radio spots, and soundtracks behind YouTube videos and movie preview ads in theaters.  Sure, there’s a place for text speak and the Twitter-verse vernacular, but when you need a creative, persuasive, polished, and professional piece of writing done, best leave it to the pros if you’d rather not tackle it yourself.

Whether writing for print, audio, social media, or video purposes, there are a few do’s and don’ts that apply.  First, talk to your audience, not at them.  The number one copywriting sin?  Getting too wordy!  How many times have you visited a website only to find a billion characters in tiny fonts discussing every imaginable element of the host, much of it irrelevant?  It does not entice the reader nor does it enhance prospects for return visits and possible sales.

A lot of overly wordy copy is easy to avoid simply by eliminating mind-numbing redundancy.  “We are pleased to announce that we now have new current introductory pricing at this time.”  BORING and REPETITIVE!  You can say the same thing as simply as “We’ve just unveiled new introductory pricing.”  Using “now,” “new,” “current,” and “at this time” all in one sentence says the same thing four times!  This may be an extreme example but there are those who believe the more words you use, the smarter you sound.  And it does happen.  Don’t fall into that trap.

Unless you have an experienced marketing department handling your writing assignments, why not save yourself time and frustration with a little help from Illinois Audio Productions?  IAP’s writers know how to relate to your audience objectively and effectively.  The trick is expressing your thoughts and most pertinent points in cohesively themed phrases, sentences, and paragraphs.  Get your point across and make it memorable.  Once we do that for you, you can also explore other avenues of promotion in the global marketplace.

That’s right.  Think big and multi-lingual.  Is your business doing commerce overseas?  Even domestically, the United States is still a true melting pot and being able to convey your hottest promotions beyond just English is a smart move to gain an added competitive edge.  Spanish speakers in the United States alone have grown by a whopping 233% between 1980 and 2013, from approximately 11 million to 37 million according to the Pew Research Center.  By 2050, it’s estimated that number could reach 100 million!  Don’t ignore this important demographic…those who fail to include the Latino market are missing a major segment of today’s buyers.

Being able to relate to customers in Chinese can also be a major boost to revenue domestically as well as in international trade.  China is, after all, a major trading partner and has become arguably the world’s largest economic player.   Since 1978, according to the Harvard Business Review, China’s gross domestic product mushroomed from $150 billion to $8,227 billion in 2012.  That phenomenal growth slowed slightly over the last year but make no mistake, the Asian market and China in particular provides the potential for many profitable new inroads.  But if you don’t reach out, you miss out.  Again, IAP can help you cross the language barrier in all types of scriptwriting, translation, and voice work.

IAP also offers translation assistance to Spanish and Chinese, not to mention Japanese, Italian, and French – another big help with Canadian operations who have bilingual needs.  And once you’ve put your stamp of approval on the copy – regardless of the language – IAP has the voices to record it, too.  Even the distinctive Brazilian dialect is in our repertoire, an ideal prospect with the eyes of the world on Brazil for Soccer’s 2014 World Cup.

Of course, there are some basic provisions to any piece of copy, whether it’s a sales letter, or even the subject line of an e-mail blast.  The main one?  Proofread!  If you get an e-mail blast from two different vendors, which are you most likely to open: the one that says “ACME Spring Savings” Or “AJAX Spirng Savings?”  Don’t laugh…this is a common mistake you see on national TV networks more often than you might guess, and their local affiliates as well.  It may be an LOL moment, but it’s still sloppy.

Try not to get carried away explaining EVERYTHING you do, either.  Endless lists of “we do this, this, and that.  We also do more this, this, and that…”  It can make eyes glaze over and ears tune out.

One more thing.  Don’t talk over your clients’ heads.  If you’re speaking in medical terminology, use terms patients relate to, not their Latin names or in abbreviations used around the office that only other medical professionals know.  But don’t insult their intelligence, either.  If you don’t have a professionally written and produced Voice Mail, Auto Attendant, or IVR phone greeting for example, don’t leave an outgoing message that asks customers to “correctly” spell their name.  Your customers have that part handled without needing your reminder.  Just one more copy tip that’s easily abused more often than it should!

If you have questions about writing and how to make words more effective no matter what the language, just ask the wordsmiths at IAP.  You can even engage in a Live Chat here online!