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Effective Voice Overs for Today’s E-Learning

Traditional textbooks and classroom learning and training have their place in the world of education and always will.  But today’s classroom also encompasses the computer world and use of the internet for the immediate availability of virtual information.  The rapid pace of evolving technology has even seen audio books-on-tape replaced by more streaming forms of audio and multimedia as well as Kindles and other tablets.


But what do you do if you’re a business owner or store manager with a need for ongoing employee training?  There’s no time or room for a “school” in the traditional sense, and very few businesses have the luxury of a full-time teaching staff.  This is where the combination of cutting edge technology and help from Illinois Audio Productions (IAP) can produce an effective curriculum.  Our voiceover narrations have been a proven training tool for nearly two decades, so we’re a little ahead of the teaching/learning curve, so to speak.


Let’s face it: many people just don’t like to read as much as they’d like…or they don’t absorb information as readily as they do with either hands-on training or verbal lessons.  A well-written verbal narrative in an E-Learning or Computer Based Training (CBT) environment delivers tutelage in a way that sticks with trainees.  Another specific benefit of CBT audio is the versatility of customization to match your operation.  After all, how your business functions is not going to fit in a “one size fits all” textbook.


That flexibility is a major reason why IAP voiceover narratives are so widely popular in training programs for major department stores, grocery chains, clothing retailers, and mall outlets.  Need to train workers about the safest manner to use meat slicers?  What about those all-important procedures revolving around the latest Point-of-Sale (POS) systems and cash register operation?  And the best way to teach employees about liquor sale procedures and legal requirements?  Audio coupled with the visual program is definitely the way to go.


There’s endless possibilities for this type of E-Training and it starts with precision copywriting as well as finding just the right voice, or combination of voices.  Just like the classroom, the most stimulating teachers know how to keep things lively.  And we know how to make that lesson apply through voiceovers.  IAP is not confined to just English, either.  We can translate and voice in multiple languages.  Take a closer look and listen while you’re visiting our site and feel free to engage in a live chat if you feel so inclined (after you finish reading this, of course).


There’s no limit to the imagination as so many IAP clients have discovered through their own CBT programs completed in conjunction with us.  Credit unions, mattress stores, and utility companies are a few examples that come to mind.  National big box stores and the heaviest hitters in retail chains have recruited our E-Learning capabilities, as well as the most renowned names in traditional department stores.  There’s no doubt a creative CBT program with the help of IAP can work for you, too.


Take a listen for yourself.  You can hear a sample right now or just save this link for later:  Remember, the sky’s the limit and IAP rates are very friendly with turnaround always lightning fast!