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Message On Hold Players


Having the right messaging, musical content and audio strategies for your company are extremely important. Just as important as the message is the means to express this content, and that starts with the right hardware.

At Illinois Audio Productions, we only use the best products available. Here are some of our most popular digital voice players. Not sure which system is right for you? Please call 866-427-8642 or email We’ll be happy to discuss your options.


IAP ERemote Top

IAP ERemote

NEW! IAP eRemote’s Music On Hold/ Messages On Hold Player can be updated and programmed remotely from any computer with internet access. Communication is as simple as sending an email. Read More.

IAP FlashPlus

IAP FlashPlus

. IAP FlashPlus offers both a line level and a 3 Watt Amplified output. In addition, when you remove the USB drive, generic music plays until the USB is returned. Can be triggered. Read More.



IAP Jump

Digital Music On Hold/ Messages-On-Hold Player plays Mp3 files from the included USB jump drive. Jump drive can be easily reloaded with new productions by simply plugging it into a USB port on a PC or laptop. Made in USA. 5 year warranty. Read More


Digital Music On Hold/ Messages On Hold Player loads recording from CD, loads and plays recording from internal memory. 16 minute memory. 5 year warranty. Read More

IAP Tape

Downloads On Hold message onto internal memory. 8 minute memory capacity. Has a great track record for reliability. 3 year warranty. Read More

IAP Overhead

Stores up to 12 messages into memory. User can turn messages on or off individually. Message spacing can be programmed as well. Accepts external music source and fades music at specified level when message is played. 3 year warranty. Read More

IAP Hybrid

Installs on your network and production is loaded with an internet browser and an IP address assigned by the player. Great for multiple locations that want to control production changes from a single location with a single command. 3 year warranty. Read More

IAP JumpNite

The IAP JumpNite is a state-of-the-art digital audio playback device designed to provide a continuous play audio source for telephone message-on-hold (MOH) plus a Night Answer greeting. Read More

IAP Multi

The IAP Multi-USB is a digital message repeater that is perfect for any application that requires triggered or timed message play. Applications include overhead messaging in Casinos, Museums, Malls, Department Stores, Water Parks and more. Read More