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IAP eRemote


If your business has multiple locations or you need to administer your on hold messages from outside the office, then this is the player for you.

The IAP eRemote allows you to have your On Hold Recordings changed remotely by IAP’s staff or your own staff.

Simply send an email to the player to change the audio. The system will recognize the email and follow the appropriate command.

Replace, add, delete or schedule recordings.

Increase or decrease output volume.

Request a status report.

This can all be achieved by sending an email to the unit.

Want a recording to play for a limited time? No problem.  Start and stop dates can be easily assigned for specialty recordings such as the holidays.

No special software to learn or buy. No server required.

Installation Instructions:

1. Wall Mounting: Mount the IAP eRemote to a clean, dry surface using the screws supplied with your player.
2. Shelf Mounting: Apply the non-marring feet to the bottom of the Digital On-Hold System.
3. Connect the Internet cable to the Front Panel Network Port on your IAP eRemote and an open port on your router.
4. Using the supplied RCA Audio Output Cable, connect one end to the digital player in the 600ohm audio output on the Rear Panel. Then connect the other end of the RCA Audio Output Cable to the music on hold port of your telephone system.
5. Connect the AC Adapter to your IAP eRemote unit and plug into the wall outlet. You can tell the unit is powered by the solid red Power and Audio Indicator LED.
6. The audio will start playing in about 90 seconds. You can tell audio is playing when the light is flashing on the front panel Power and Audio Indicator LED.
7. The audio may be previewed by pushing in the speaker ON/OFF button on the front panel. Always turn the speaker off for normal use.
8. Use the volume control on the Rear Panel of the IAP eRemote to adjust the volume to the desired level.