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Marketing On Hold Player : IAP Hybrid

The IAP Hybrid is a solid-state, digital audio player used for Music and Message On-Hold applications. The IAP Hybrid’s “dual option” delivery provides flexibility in updating the device with new On Hold music and messages.

Users can upload new audio remotely via the Ethernet connection, or on-site by using a removable USB flash drive.  For Ethernet applications, the audio can be delivered and managed remotely via a LAN/WAN without the need for proprietary software. The USB port can be used as an alternative for those users choosing to update via a removable USB flash drive. Both methods of delivery accept a standard MP3 audio file.

The lAP Hybrid also offers a flexible installation. You can mount the device to a wall next to the phone system, or in a server rack environment.


  • Network Delivery – The Ethernet connection allows for remote audio upload via the customer Wide Area Network. The lAP Hybrid has a built in GUI that allows the user to upload an MP3 file, assign IP settings and even control volume level.
  • USB Delivery – If Ethernet delivery is not available, the user can update the audio by means of a removable USB flash drive. Simply drag/drop the MP3 audio file(s) to the flash drive and insert into the lAP Hybrid’s rear panel for instant playback.
  • LCD Display – The LCD will display device IP information, volume level, and configuration settings. In USB mode the LCD will display the audio file currently being played. The LCD can also display a customized text “banner” which will continuously scroll across the screen.
  • Solid-State Playback – All audio uploaded via Ethernet connection will play from solid-state flash memory. Audio uploaded via USB drive will play directly from USB flash drive.
  • Rack Mount (optional) – For a cleaner installation on VolP systems, the lAP Hybrid can also be mounted on a server rack (consumes 1 rack unit).
  • MP3 Compatible – Both the Ethernet and USB flash drive delivery options are compatible with a standard MP3 audio file. Recommended bit rate is 64-128 kbps.