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Music On Hold Player : IAP Jump

The lAPJump is a state-of-the-art digital audio playback device designed to provide a continuous·play audio source for message-on-hold, background music, or any other audio application where high-qualityaudio playback is required.

Messages are stored on industry standard USB flash drives from 16MB up to 4GB. The IAPJump is capable of MP3 file playback from 8Kbps all the way up to full CD-quality audio playback of 128Kbps.

Audio content is easily managed by plugging the USB flash drive into a PC or MAC computer’s USB port and “dragging and dropping” MP3 files to and from the drive. Your customers can receive new and updated message-on-hold or background music programs via e-mail or FTP and update the units themselves saving you the expense of additional USB flash drives and the related mailing and tracking costs.


  • Plays MP3 files from USB Flash Drive Up to 4GB Flash drives supported.
  • No drivers or special software needed.
  • Playback quality up to 128Kbps.
  • Store up to 1024 messages.
  • Continuous playback.
  • Built-in monitor speaker.
  • LED status indicator.
  • 5-year parts and labor warranty.