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Overhead Announcer

The IAP Overhead is a solid state digital message repeater designed to inject messages over a background music feed. The messages are loaded into the unit through the cassette tape drive or a telephone handset. The unit accepts a live music feed, and then mixes the stored messages with the music feed. The IAP Overhead can store two zones of messages that output at two different time intervals. Most commonly used as In-Store messaging and On-Hold messaging, the In-Store zone or zone two can also output daypart messages that play at a specified time of day.


  • Dual-Zone Output – The unit allows two independent sets of messages to output to two zones. The intervals can also be set independently. This will allow for In-Store Promotion and On-Hold Messages.
  • Telephone On Hold Messaging – Verbal messages can be interspersed with music to play over the phone line for telephone on-hold applications.
  • In-Store Promotion Messaging – Verbal messages can be interspersed with music to play over the public address (PA) system for In-Store Promotion applications.
  • Dayparting/Time of Day Triggered Messages – The unit allows time of day messages to be programmed in order to output specific messages at exact times throughout the day. For example, store closing messages can be played over the PA to announce store closing in 30 minutes, 15 minutes, and at the time of store closing.
  • Automatic Mixing – The unit automatically mixes messages with background music from a live feed. Messages can be tape loaded or handset loaded.
  • Music Pass-Through – The unit allows a live music passthrough to be shared with dual-zone output.
  • Flash Memory – The unit is equipped with the most advanced memory. The (NAND) flash memory assures the unit retains the messages and a program settings in the event of a power interruption.
  • Background Music – Music from an external music source plays between messages. If your are using the fade feature, the music will play at a reduced level behind the messages.
  • Re-Recordable Messages – Messages can be erased and re-recorded into any message position. New messages can be any length you want. The on board microprocessor realigns the memory for maximum efficient memory usage.