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On Hold Player : IAP Tape

The IAP Tape has crystal clear quality with a improved digitizing method of µlaw, unlike any other in the industry. Messages are recorded from the built in tape player and stored on digital memory. Storing messages digitally limits mechanical breakdowns you would have with other analog equipment.


  • High Fidelity – The unit stores audio in µlaw format which has an equivalent bit rate of 112 kbps.
  • Tone Control – The new tone control gives you a broader range of sound, thus allowing the bass and treble to maximize the IAP Tape’s fidelity.
  • Tape Mechanism – To guarantee a perfect download, our system uses the highest quality tape drive in the industry. The drive is built to accompany high end stereo equipment, not the lower quality tape drives found in answering machines. The unit loads your customized on hold program on speed every time.
  • Verbal Prompting – Our unit is easy to operate. A human voice leads you through installation of the production.
  • Zero Gap – There is no silence between the end of the program and the beginning.
  • Flash memory – A technological breakthrough gives the IAP Tape the memory of the future. The nonvolatile memory assures the recording will never be lost due to loss of power.
  • Compatibility – The IAP Tape is compatible with any telephone system that has a music-on-hold interface.


  • American made product.
  • Extremely reliable Message On Hold player.
  • Easy to load.
  • Average lifespan of player 10+ years