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Referral Programs and how to receive bonus cash from IAP!

With all the billions of dollars businesses and corporations spend marketing products, image, name recognition, and the overall revenue push, there’s still nothing quite as gratifying as a personal endorsement for what you have to offer.  A referral not only supports your name, it also reflects the name of your customers, vendors, peers, and associates since they’re putting their names on the line as a personal stamp of approval.


Recommendations from established business connections are more than just a passing favorable comment.  Sure they create opportunity, but they also carry a responsibility that requires you to greet the challenge and live up to that referral.  After all, let that new customer down and you not only fail to gain another referral, you could jeopardize your relationship with the entity that referred your products and services in the first place!


When it comes to quality audio productions for Messages-on-Hold and other telephonic applications, web use, video soundtracks, commericals and a wide array of other possibilities, Illinois Audio Productions (IAP) has been fortunate but not lucky with referrals.  Skill and timing, but not luck.  Our loyal and highly valued clientele click this link quite often, to recommend our services.  The IAP philosophy from the get-go has revolved around superior customer service and going beyond the norm to make sure each task is performed with excellence.  That started in 1986 and over these many years, our collection of referrals has grown along with our reputation.


Smart businesses today are tapping into this traditional “word-of-mouth” business source with a modern twist.  Back in the OLD olden days, passing along a kind word or two was not much more than a neighborly pat on the back reference between, say, a saloon keeper and the livery stable next door.  At best, an informal barter arrangement may have been dangled as a referral reward.  Fast forward a few decades and you see the first monetary rewards-based referral programs.  Realtors especially were at the forefront of such initiatives.


Jump to the present.  Technology now plays a larger role, exemplified like this with info locked in and working for both those doing the referring and those who garner the business and reward accordingly.  It’s a more efficient way to track the potential for even larger compensation for referring business friends to take advantage of our services.  At IAP, our program either issues credits or simply cuts you a check based on how much that new customer spends…another fine attribute of this latest software.


Of course, new computer programs can be really cool but the foundation of any referral still rests upon the products and services being recommended.  To IAP, that takes the form of perfection in Messages-on-Hold audio, playback equipment, and pristine digital studio quality.  It could be the writing and voicing that goes into a YouTube video or webinar.  It could be professionally recorded Auto Attendant or IVR prompts.  Maybe the audio running with your local movie theater video spot during the previews…something that plays right to a captive audience in your selling market.  The possibilities are many and you can take a closer look at  If you’re already acquainted with the benefits of IAP audio and would like to explore even more of the advantages that come via our dynamic referral program, then simply click  When your referral buys, your reward is processed right away!


Also, if you want to see what others have had to say about IAP over the years and most recently, please take a look at our many testimonials.  Each comes straight from the heart and they are all 100% unsolicited!  Thank you to all our fine long-time customers and new clients alike!